How To Flirt With A Girl

There are different ways in which people communicate their interest to each other and flirting is one such type of communication. In this type of communication, Interest for the opposite sex is so deeply rooted in humans that these types of signals are automatically transmitted and also understood by everyone. Flirting in nature’s way of helping people find their mates and subsequently progenerate.

To flirt well needs a lot of skill, the right body language, creative thinking, good intellect, and empathy too. Mastering the art of flirting is an art and does need a lot of practiceespecially if you want to woo a girl.

Making a girl feel special and beautiful is the best thing to do as an initial step to flirting. As you get to like a girl more you need to get talking to her. Here are some flirty questions to ask a girl which will give her ample hints that you like her.

  • Do you like me?
  • Do you mind if I call or text you? I really like your company.
  • What do you expect from your partner?
  • What are the qualities that attract you to a man?
  • When was the first time you fell in love?
  • Tell me, what is your opinion about love?
  • Do you like it when we go dating?
  • Do you feel safe with me?
  • Would you like to do crazy things with me like go on a wild trip?
  • Do you feel physically attracted to me?
  • Can you visualize us being in a relationship?

These are some questions which are outright flirty and no girl can miss. If she is really interested in you, she’ll definitely respond and you can proceed towards flirting some more and enjoy the start of a fruitful relationship with someone you truly and sincerely like.