Fun Questions To Ask On A First Date

Date nights should not be gloomy or dull, you should make it the best for both you and your girlfriend and this is what would get you closer and also put you in a stronger relationship. But there is always a hitch because it is the first time and you might find it a little awkward to open up first. But this need not be this tough for there are few starters that would help you kick-start your conversation with your lady-like. Generally, woman takes time in opening up but it could also get started on the man`s side and here is how it can be done.

It need to be all about personal details but can informally start with some funny questions that would make both of you comfortable talking to each other and would also make the day an interesting one. And make the session more involving and intense by surprising her with some awesome gifts. You can find some of theĀ Top handbags for your girlfriend online. Now that she is happy with your surprise present, she might feel more comfortable and get into the conversation easily. Just start it with some funny questions like

  • What would her 60th be like?
  • Who is her best role model and superhero?
  • What are her favorite leisure time activities and how else would she prefer to spend time with her friends or even you on the next date?
  • When can both of you get married?
  • How many children would she love to have, girl or a boy?
  • What would she do if she is given supernatural powers?

All these are some stupid and funny question but remember this is going to make you open up easily and you would find yourselves in a comfortable place, sitting in front of a comfortable person. This session could be continued with more personal q`s once you both settle down to get deeper.…